Private Hire


With a large fleet of coaches for hire Tony Doyle Coach Hire are the easy choice for your coach hire needs in the Dublin & Wicklow areas. Vehicles sizes start at 16 seat coaches and go up as far as 61 seater coaches. Facilities such as reclining seats, air-conditioning, dvd/monitor and fridges are fitted as standard with certain vehicles featuring some additional features such as toilets, leather seats, mini kitchens, tables and rear lounges.

Due to the fact most people use the term bus hire when in fact they are talking about a coach hire we have used the term on our website to help people find our coach hire service. Put quite simply a bus is a vehicle which is used in cities for large movements of people over a short distance with very basic low down seating, standing available, usually low floor and travel at very slow speeds. A coach on the other hand is the longer distance version of transport and has a much more comfortable environment onboard. Features such as Air Conditioning, reclining seats, steps up to the high positioned seating area and no standing room are all features which define a coach. A coach will also have underfloor luggage storage.