Covid-19 Passenger Safety

Tony Doyle Coaches Ltd have taken the measures below to significantly reduce the opportunity for exposure to Covid-19 on board our vehicles. Customer and staff safety is our top priority, so you may see we have gone above just appearing to sanitise the coaches, we have researched and used the correct techniques to get the results our discerning customers expect.

1. Products Used.

  • For Drivers: Drivers will have onboard the following. Masks, a face shield, a personal hand sanitiser, gloves, bins, aprons, tissues and antibacterial wipes.

  • Professional Sanitation Unit: This is where we differ from our competitors. Many coach providers are using standard foggers to sanitise their vehicles. We discovered that fogging can be effective at cleaning the air but it's dependant on the direction of the spray and the effect of gravity, so it struggles to cover all the interior surfaces of a coach. The WHO have also issued guidance in May 2020 highlighting concerns of using fogging/misting to apply disinfectant and state fogging is not recommend for COVID-19.  Fogging may miss or ineffectively cover vital areas such as the sloped rear of the seat in front, the windows / sidewalls and high touch areas such as underside of grab handles. We have instead opted to use a Victory electrostatic unit, which may cost many times more, but is actually effective at cleaning the air and covering 100% of the surfaces you may come in contact with, even those hidden from view. We have always been leaders, and with our system of electrostatic spraying and use of TecCare Ultra and Control we are leading in safety once again.

  • Antimicrobial Sanitation: Our sanitation product will not only remove all traces of viruses etc, it will also remain active on all of the surfaces 24 hours a day deactivating all viruses that land on any surface onboard. Another important reason why we chose to use electrostatic application instead of fogging, so we know our coaches don't have areas where the virus can hide.

  • Zoono Hand Sanitiser: Upon boarding we have chosen to provide our passengers a highly effective sanitiser that will remain effective, even after washing, to deactivate the virus on their hands for 24 hours. If you somehow come into contact with the virus, the sanitiser will deactivate the virus on your hands so you won't easily spread the virus to surfaces such as your phone or face. Think of it as our gift to you, every time you travel with us we offer you protection throughout the day!



  • Masks: We have to provide a safe working environment for our staff, as much as we have to ensure our passengers can travel together safely. We require all of our passengers to wear a mask over the nose and mouth throughout the journey. If we all wear masks correctly the risk of transmission will be reduced significantly. We can arrange to provide masks to passengers if required at €1 each.

2. Our system for keeping passengers safe.

  • Drivers: Prior to service the drivers will be temperature checked. Drivers will wear masks at all times. Face shields will be used for boarding or when appropriate the driver will step off the coach during boarding.

  • Cleaning/Sanitation: The coaches will be cleaned throughout the day, with major touch points such as grab handles wiped down using anti bacterial wipes and any rubbish cleared. On all surfaces we apply TecCare Ultra monthly, and TecCare Control weekly, using the electrostatic sprayer. These provide an ongoing antimicrobial effect and ensure surfaces remain sanitary through everyday cleaning. Each evening after cleaning the coaches, the high touch areas will be sanitised by applying TecCare Control using the electrostatic sprayer. Also once a week the coaches will undergo an Ozone treatment to sanitise any inaccessible areas, and dis-infect the filtration system of the onboard air conditioning system.

  • Masks: It is a requirement for all passengers, except those with a legitimate exemption, to wear masks onboard. In the event a situation may arrises where a mask breaks etc. and the passenger has no backup mask, we will have available onboard masks for purchase to backup those in need.

  • Hand Sanitiser: Zoono hand sanitiser will be available for all passengers to use just inside the front door of the coach. Signage will be used to encourage its use.

  • Control of Passenger Numbers: 2 Meter distancing is currently being advised for many settings, but onboard private coach transport capacity is at approx 50% or less. We expect many people will prefer to sit one person per double seat for some time to come. However with private group transport you can set a lower number of passengers per vehicle, to allow extra social distancing for your group, up to the maximum one person per double seat.

  • Contact Tracing: Each group leader will be required to provide their contact details to facilitate contact tracing. The group leader will also be responsible for taking the contact details of all the persons in the group, and notifying us immediately of any passenger who tests positive, and may have been in close contact with our driver.


3. What passengers need to know and do on the day of hire.

  • All passengers should be advised by group leaders of the following:

    • Passengers should remain socially distant while waiting and queuing for the coach.

    • Masks should be worn over the mouth and nose prior to approaching the boarding door.

    • Zoono Hand Sanitiser is located just inside the front door and should be used on entry to the coach.

    • Allow space for those in front to use the hand sanitiser unit prior to stepping into the coach.

    • Passengers should sit in the rear seats first and sit one person per double seat.

    • Passengers should refrain from moving about the coach once seated, and should keep their mask on, covering both mouth and nose, throughout the journey.

    • Upon reaching you destination, please remain seated. The front row of passengers should alight first and then the next row behind etc. Some passengers may be slower than others, so please remember to give people space and time to exit ahead of you.


Our latest passenger safety video can also be viewed below, Note the temperature check seen in the background has now been discontinued, but can still be made available if required by your group.


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