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Covid Safety on Coach Transport

How we ensure our transport services are safe.

Tony Doyle Coaches Ltd are the innovators of safety in transportation. We have developed our Covid safety charter to keep our discerning customers safe through extensive research into the correct techniques and products.

Zoono Hand Sanitiser

Upon boarding all of our coaches, you will find a Zoono Hand Sanitiser dispenser. Once used, Zoono remains active on your hands and offers up to 24 hours of protection.

Masks are Compulsory

Masks are provided for our employees, and must also be worn by our passengers.

Make Space

Passengers are asked to queue up in a socially distant manor for boarding.

Electrostatic Sprayer

This is important; we don't use a fogger (unlike our competitors).

Why? Simply they are not effective at coating surfaces. In fact the WHO has said fogging devices must not be used to administer sanitation liquids against covid. Electrostatic is the best method, but also the most expensive, but your safety is worth it :-)


Multiple hospital grade Anti-Microbial sanitisers are administered by the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer:

- 7 days active solution applied daily

- Monthly active solution applied monthly

Even more Sanitation!

A 6 Month Active Barrier is applied by cloth to frequent touchpoints, such as handles, seatbelts, armrests, etc.

We also Ozone gas treat the coaches each week.

We're the safest coach company to travel with! 

So now you know the great lengths we go to keep you safe, you can concentrate on getting ready for your next big adventure!

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