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5 must see tourist attractions for Americans traveling around Ireland

Here in Ireland there are many places to travel to and many beautiful sites to see. With the help of Tony Doyle Coach hire in Dublin, we can get you from our main hub in Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher in county Clare and even to the giant's causeway in Antrim. What we offer are knowledgeable/enthusiastic drivers/guides that are there to ensure that you will make the most out of your coach tours in Ireland.

● The Cliffs of Moher - Take a coach to the beautiful coastal landscape of County Clare, here you can take in the magical views of Ireland's most popular tourist attraction, as well as that it is the most famous stop along the wild atlantic way which is a popular driving route along the west of Ireland, Tony Doyles coach tours offer an unforgettable experience in the most picturesque part of Ireland's coast.

● The Giants Causeway - like the cliffs of moher it is another coastal location located in the North west of Ireland in county Antrim. It’s spectacular rock formation with over 40,000 hexagonal columns is a must see on our Coach tours. As well as the causeway there is the bushmills distillery tour to see, so after a long day of taking in the views and walking through the tours you can have a nice irish whiskey to finish the day and our coaches will be there to bring you home.

● Blarney Stone - the blarney stone which is located in County Cork is one of Ireland's oldest tourist attractions, as in the 18th century people from around the country would come kiss the stone so they would possess the ‘gift of the gab’, which basically means you are well capable of

talking for hours. Now though people as far as america and australia come to kiss the stone. With the help from our well scheduled coach tours you can enjoy a trip to the most kissed stone in ireland and maybe even get some special powers from it

● Wicklow brewery/ Powerscourt Distillery - If you have a thirst for irish made liquor, then look no further then our premium tour of two of ireland's biggest tourist attractions. This coach tour is an adult only tour where you can enjoy the samples made by the brewery and even get a bit of lunch in the famous mickey finns. Our luxury coaches and professional drivers will make this a relaxing experience for all involved.

● Belfast - if you want a break from all the countryside spots then look no further to a city break in belfast, located in northern ireland our day trip tours will bring you along to enjoy a day full of shopping in one of the countries biggest shopping centres and shopping high streets. Our premium coaches will help take the weight off your feet after you shop till you drop.

After a hard year for everyone why not visit ireland and visit one of these amazing tourist attractions, hire Tony Doyle coaches to enjoy these amazing experiences.

Contact us today via email to arrange a great tour for you.

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