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The Authentic Irish Whiskey Distillery and Brewery Tour

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The Irish are a proud nation, known for their bubbly personalities, and the land we reside in is one of the most beautiful, scenic places in the world. In addition to this, we are master distillers who can convert a simple heap of grain into a smooth whiskey. Around 5 million people visit Ireland each year, and visiting a distillery is a priority on each traveller’s list. The two most famous distilleries that host Irish Whiskey/ Craft Beer Making tours are the Powerscourt Distillery and the Wicklow Brewery and lucky for you Tony Doyle Coaches can get you there.

Powerscourt Distillery Tour: An Overview

The Powerscourt Distillery Tour involves a visit to an 18th-century mill house that was once located on the Powerscourt estate but has now been converted into the distillery we know today. With a rich history dating back to the 9th century where the foundations of the estate were laid, on the fertile and mountainous ground of the Wicklow mountains, known of course as Fercullen lands. As the years went on and the Powerscourt Distillery formed, it began to produce the famous Fercullen Irish Whiskey. As such, tourists naturally want to come to this historic tour and Tony Doyle Coaches will help you get there.

The tour has been very successful since its opening and there's a good reason for it, as the brewery is looked after by a master distiller, who is globally recognised and has won many awards, and goes by the name Noel Sweeney. He oversees all aspects of the production of spirits and whiskeys released from the Powerscourt Distillery. This Irish Whiskey experience is different to any other whiskey and spirit tour out there, as you are seeing the operation, maturation and of course the sampling of the award winning Fercullen Irish Whiskey.

If you would like to book this amazing tour, you can do so HERE (Hyperlink)

Wicklow Brewery Tour: An Overview

The Wicklow Brewery has been open to the public for nearly seven years. This microbrewery specialises in creating traditional tasting beer and whisky and is located in Redcross, Wicklow County. Being one of the first few breweries to host tours, it has become somewhat of a tradition for most tourists to spend an outing here and we at Tony Doyle Coaches are happy to help you get there, with one of our private tours.

The brewery itself wasn’t what it is today, it’s always been a family run business by the Williams clan but, they were in many different industries before they found where they belonged, it started out as a farm with potential, then decided to turn the farm into the River Valley Holiday Park and finally they transformed it to the widely loved Mickey Finns Pub along with, of course, the Wicklow Brewery.

With craft beer taking the world by storm, the Williams family decided that it was a viable opportunity that tied in well with our existing tourism & hospitality business. With the family taking notes, learning, and investing in the state of the art equipment from the Braukon manufacturing facility which is based in Bavaria, Germany, they are committed to making this an amazing experience for tourists coming to Ireland and for the Irish themselves.

Breweries and distilleries are now a part of the Irish culture and a must-visit spot. Given the interest that incoming tourists have in tours to Powerscourt Distillery and the Wicklow Brewery, special tour buses are available to take them to and from the factories. Tony Doyle Coach Hire is one such company. One can book a scheduled tour to the distillery or arrange a bus for a large group at or ring us at the number (01) 2018600

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